How to get free first-class upgrades

Fly first, buy economy? Thats right, big seats, priority everything, & ice cream sundaes all for the price of that crappy seat at the back of the plane. So there two ways to access these privileges; there are a few things you can do to get a ‘surprise upgrade’ or the legit way of doing it.

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1) The RIGHT way to do it

If you fly a lot, all this is, is a complete exploitation of an airlines reward scheme. Like Casey Neistat said “it’s like dating, sure its fun to play around with all the birds in the sky, but if you want her to love you back… she needs you to commit.”

Look around and choose the best loyalty program that works for you, (we recommend American Airlines). The end game is the executive-platinum status (UNLIMITED COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADES). Status is earned by the ‘elite qualifying miles, NOT frequent flyer miles. They are purely earned by time in the air.

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2) CHANCE it? A few tips of attempting a complimentary upgrade.

A) Dress neatly – Dressing well is not the ticket to the goose that lays the golden egg, however you wont be moved up the plane in cargo shorts and a tank top (unless you have some sort of presidential status).

B) Ask politely (but be direct) – If you use a line as simple as “If you are upgrading passengers on this flight, I would like to be considered.” saying please wouldn’t hurt either.

C) Travel at quiet times – It is easier to getting an upgrade if you’re booking flights at times other business users are less likely to fly.

D) Volunteer to give your seat up – If the flight is oversold giving up your seat may get you a free upgrade.



See you in first-class.

Ani Tzenkova

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