High-Rise is viciously intricate

We don’t usually feature movies in our editorial’s, although this week we thought we’d swerve the clothing tips and feature a movie that has been the talk of the town lately. High-Rise is a monument to functional modernism, created by Royal Architects on the outskirts of an english metropolis, in simple terms ‘a playground for the rich, but also the poor’, the hierarchical infrastructure is knocked at the flick of a switch; the power is out.

High-Rise is a delectably clever screenplay that has been worked into an intricate dark film. Dr Laing (Tom Hiddlestone) reflects on the unusual events that have taken place within this huge apartment building over the preceding months, and the message is clear as day, High-Rise is a eloquent bloodbath.

The film doesn’t cater to the ‘updated’ adaptation and is strongly rooted in the seventies, the stylists have worked perfectly with the flared suits, and sideburns. Despite having a stronghold theme of the seventies, it’s the most lucid wonderland imaginable; from a string quartet playing ABBA’s greatest hits, and the parking lot filled with Ford Cortina’s.

Tom Hiddleston handles the role of Laing effortlessly, a contained man struggling with innumerable dilemmas. Even the hierarchy collapses and his demise of Dr Laing is incredibly captured by this screenplay. If Hiddleston’s acting wasn’t nauseatingly faultless already, he add’s footwork in High-Rise and oh he can dance!

A disembodied voice warns: “Laing would surrender to a logic more powerful than reason.” Without reasonable doubt, you will willingly surrender to High-Rise. If you are going to see one movie this year, High-Rise has to be it, catch the trailer HERE.

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