Invite only, $100,000 initiation fee and a 14 year wait…

Today we are counting down the top 10 most exclusive ‘invitation’ only restaurants, clubs, and bars.  Some of these clubs don’t base their entry on finance, but you must have wit, contacts, good conversation, and a lot more to get on the guest list.

10. Albert’s

One of London’s most exclusive clubs located behind a blue door in South Kensington, Abert’s is relatively new. This spot mixes Brit Glamour and European eccentricsism and guarantees a good time. However, the question is what does it take to get in? Firstly you must be proposed or seconded by a current member to create an intimate community. So all members must link back to the founding partners.


9. The Montauk Club

We had to stick at least 1 club in NYC on the list and it just as much happens to be the Montauk Club. Known to be the club for ‘quirky Brookylnites’ it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Like something off Gossip Girl, The Montauk Club has been around since 1889 and the club website states “… by far our largest contingent is members under the age of 35. The majority of our under 35s are unmarried – and in keeping with Brooklyn’s reputation – good looking.” For a fee of $350 annually it’s one of the more affordable venues on the list.

The Montauk Club

8. The Groucho

This is described as the “original arts and media private club”. It can be found on Deans Street in Soho. Celebrating its 30th anniversary the committee looks for someone who has worked for or in the creative or cultural artistic fields, and ideally they have achieved something of significance within their field.

An exclusive with GQ revealed during the application process, the Committee always asks itself two questions: “what’s this person achieved?” and “would you want to have a drink with them at the bar?”

The Groucho

7. The Hospital

The hospital can be found in Covent Garden and its known as another creative hub. Its a 7 storey building that boasts a television studio, screening room, and a live performance space. The creative director stated all new members have to be proposed, and all new members must sign up to the club’s philosophy and motto ‘Create, Connect, Collaborate’.

The Hospital

6. Quo Vadis

Find this spot in Dean Street in Soho, Quo Vadis can be found located above the infamous restaurant and has an interesting membership. The proprietor and his brother said “individuality and charm are very important” when screening applicants, and each applicant is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Quo Vadis

5. Level 6

For an annual fee of $10,000 members carry a black laminated swipe card to welcome them into Level 6, Sydneys most exclusive club. The super private den is located on level 6 of the CBD venue, IVY. Secrecy has been the epitome of it’s success known as the venue where “anything goes”. Even the entry doesn’t give anything away, once you step out of the elevator  you’re greeted by a plain locked door before members swipe their black laminated card. We’ll just leave you with 2 words, ABSOLUTE PRIVACY.

Level 6

4. Berghain

Every weekend, a stretched line of several hundred people curls back from the shell of the East German power plant. Inside you’ll find really good techno, round the clock debauchery, and the world’s strictest door policy. NO reservations, NO bottle service, and NO guest list, many folks wait hours, and then with no explanation get asked to step aside and go elsewhere.


3. The Arts Club

The Art’s club in Mayfair is known as a “haven” for creatives. To get in its simple, you must have a “demonstrable interest in the arts”, you must be both “interested and interesting”. Thankfully to most, the club interprets the arts “broadly” from painters, to journalists, to ballerinas to actors. All candidates need to know 2 existing members which is fairly traditional, but they do try examine every candidate. You can gain access today by applying for membership starting at a modest fee of £1000, and then an annual fee of £1000 thereafter.

The Arts Club

2. The Yale Club

A private spot on 44th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue (even the intersection sounds incredible). The 22-storey clubhouse is the largest in the world with 11,000 members. The elite club draws a young crowd and is known for attracting ‘legacies’. Designed in 1915, it includes a rooftop terrance, tap room, grill, main bar, and lounge. The 5th/6th floors also contain a gym, squash court, plunge pool and massage studio.

The Yale Club

1. Club 33

Extremely tempting to put this one at No. 3, but there aren’t many other clubs that top this one. Club 33 named after Walt’s masonic ties, has an invite-only membership, 14-year wait list, and $100k initiation fee for a platinum membership and rumours of a 14 year wait. For their investment they get access to countless perks, fine dining and a lounge which does exceed all expectations.

Club 331




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