David Marquis is most known for his scents, RISE & Poise. He has lived in extremely diverse nooks of the world, from The Bronx to Madison Avenue -the best word to describe him might be SURVIVOR, and this is reflected in his business ventures – his fragrances in particular.
David in Navy hat and jacket smiling
His  most well known scent is RISE eau de Cologne for men. Marquis has learned first hand how to create a signature scent which planted the seed which grew onto provide his future business venture. Through highs and lows he finally brought out a unique exquisite scent that represented him as an individual. Along with earthly woods and fresh citrus you can find hints of bean and fruit.
rise huge
His latest invention we are proud to share with you is POISE  eau de Parfum  which is a tribute to the power, perseverance and timeless beauty of women – and what better day to share this sublime product with you than Women’s day! This is a warm yet confident scent filled with exotic fruits, oils and herbs.

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Ani Tzenkova

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