12) Harry Styles

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Harry Styles is one of the casual dressers that pulls it off effortlessly. James Corden commented on a story that exhibits perfectly why he earns his spot on this list “I remember once we were walking through an airport in Jamaica and were basically wearing the same clothes: a T-shirt, black jeans and brown shoes. He looked like a rockstar and I looked like his driver” James Corden, TV personality.

11) Imran Ahmed

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The founder of Businesses of Fashion always puts together an outfit flawlessly experimenting with texture and fabric always exhibiting his individual flair.

10) Ryan Gosling

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The secret to Ryan Goslings style is that it is understated. After hitting the jackpot with the film that’s raking in all the awards, LaLaLand, he has shown his style through his bold sense of colour rocking burgundy suits with shirt’s that are a little less ‘vibrant’.

9) Hu Bing

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Hu Bing is currently one of the smartest dressers in town. He’s not afraid to push the boundaries which keeps everyone on their toes. He is definitely one to make an impression.

8) Pep Guardiola

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Always immaculately dressed at the sidelines, this is one football coach won’t turn up looking worse for wear. Earning the nickname ‘Don Perfecto’ in the Barcelona academy is reflected in his style and dress sense.

7) James Norton

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James Norton just has one of the most perfectly chiseled faces in the industry. He is also a contender as the next Bond which doesn’t come as much of a shock to many.

6) Lewis Hamilton

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The Formula 1 driver is always a sound bet to ask regarding any fashion advice. He’s always suited in designer clothing and is truly one of the few people that can appreciate an elegant piece of attire.

5) David Gandy

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A man this list would be incomplete without, he’s simply a pillar stone of Traditional British Tailoring always sporting a perfectly tailored bespoke suit.

4) Idris Elba

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One of the men that is always noted for his physique and charm. Before his days with SuperDry he had his own style allowing him to look casual and formal at the same time, it’s bewildering!


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One of the main reasons I included him in this list was his lyrical plea to the fashion world “will you have me?” stating he was not only a trend setter “Raf Simons, Rick Owens usually what I’m dressed in” as well as a connoisseur “I see your Jil Sanders, Oliver Peoples / Costume National, your Ann Demeulemeester”

2) Jared Leto

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We all have that friend who dresses a bit better than the rest wearing things that are a little too edgy… Who is fine with capes, snow boots and diamond studded jackets. In the fashion world, that friend is Jared Leto. Thing is we need him to push the boundaries for us, it allows us to see what works and what doesn’t!


Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 11.12.52

Drake and his turtleneck from “Hotline Bling” which was shared endlessly on the internet and his awkward dancing. He shows his style and clearly want’s other men to join introducing his own fashion brand OVO. Men can wear incongruous and cosy clothing without losing masculinity thanks to Drake.










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